"Avoiding problems you need to face is avoiding the life you need to live."

— Paulo Coelho (via kari-shma)

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These kids are SO ADORABLE!!!

Day Two of Fun in Rochester: Breakfast at Java Chip, Kayaking and Garbage Plate for Lunch, YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

Day Two of Fun in Rochester: Air Show, Trek to the Air Port for rental cars, Sushi for lunch, Walk on Park Ave, Gelato for Dessert, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and grocery shopping at Weggman’s 

Day One of Fun in Rochester: Dinner with Colleen and Lucy, Tour of the Medical Center and Rochester Campus

I <3 Fridays 

Exploring Central Park!

"Being too considerate can also hurt people. Being cruel is needed sometimes. It’s a paradox but being cruel is sometimes more humane."

— Lie to Me

Exploring High Lines and Hudson River Park … I think…

water = happiness

I woke up today feeling so tired and icky even though I knew I had enough sleep. It was so hard for me to put one foot in front of another as I left the house. I dreaded having to meet up with Amy at 3pm to visit high lines. And when we finally got to the park, it was crowded and way too sunny. High lines is built on an old railroad track, as such the pathway to walk on was very narrow. It felt like I was walking on a crowded New York City sidewalk filled with tourists who wouldn’t stop pausing every few steps. And it was nearly impossible to pass them because the crowd walking in the other direction was so heavy. It took all of my energy just to keep going. I felt like a zombie almost. Amy definitely noticed. She said that she felt as if she was exploring High Lines by herself because I said soooooo little. 

Although I perked up a bit when we hit the meat packing industry and finally got some food and iced coffee, I was still pretty down. Around 7pm we were about to head back home but as we were walking downtown I spotted the water sparkling in the distance. And I was immediately drawn towards that direction. I pulled Amy with me and as we came closer and closer to the water, I began to perk up a bit more. I felt more alive near the water, just breathing in the fresh air and feeling the wind gently blow my hair against my face. There’s something about seeing the water softly splashing each other and making tiny waves that’s really calming. As we sat near the water, we could clearly see the New Jersey skyline. We sat near the water for quite a while and watched as the early slowly rotated us away from the sun.

Amazing scenery to be posted soon!